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These programs focus on health and fitness through martial arts. These programs contain a curriculum that teaches martial arts principles and philosophies. As well as, promotes community awareness and social responsibility while educating students about the danger of drug use and gang activities. Below are some of the key subjects we cover in these programs:

•Self-Defense Techniques

•African Stick Fighting Techniques with Music

•Home, School & Street Safety Skills

•Good Character Development

•Critical Thinking and Leadership Skills Development

•Discipline and Respect Development

•Social and Life Skills

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These programs are designed to address some of the mental health needs that our children are facing today. When children and youth are experiencing pain, sadness, fear, anger, or having suicidal/homicidal thoughts they can be acted out in destructive ways. These programs' curriculum provides them the opportunity and support to express and learn positive, alternative ways to control their destructive behaviors and improve their quality of life. The methods used in these programs are Individual Counseling and Anger Management Groups. Both the counseling and groups are facilitated by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Anger Management Specialist with experience working with children and youth.​ *We are DBT informed.

Clinical Martial Art Services:

  • Individual Therapy

  • Group Counseling 

  • Family Therapy

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  • Traditional Martial Arts (4yrs+) (Open enrollment)

  • Individual Therapy *dbt informed

  • Group Therapy *dbt informed

  • Family Therapy *dbt informed

  • Clinical Martial Arts (4yrs+)

  • Drama Program 

  • African Drumming Class

  • Hip Hop Dance Class 

  • Yoga 

  • Meditiation 

  • Zumba 

*All programs/services under our services are covered by state insurance with sliding scale.

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