Empowering Mental Health and Wellness in Hartford and Beyond

Welcome to Build A Better You Family Services, LLC, your trusted partner in mental health and wellness in Hartford and the surrounding area. As a community-based agency, we are dedicated to empowering and supporting individuals and families on their journey to holistic well-being.
We believe in the transformative ...

Innovative Therapeutic Programs for Families

We're committed to providing year-round therapeutic programs and services tailored to address the evolving mental health needs of children and families in our community. Our innovative approach to clinical therapy integrates various tools, including martial arts, Zumba, and Reiki, to offer holistic support and ...
Building Better Lives Together

At Build A Better You Family Services, LLC, our mission is inspired by the profound wisdom encapsulated in the words, "just build a better you." Guided by this belief, we are committed to fostering personal growth, resilience, and empowerment within individuals and families in the Hartford area.

We understand that the world may seem vast and complex, but we firmly believe that positive change begins with the individual. By providing comprehensive clinical services, innovative therapeutic activities, and dedicated outreach support, we strive to help each person cultivate a stronger, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

Our mission is not just about improving ourselves but about creating ripple effects of positivity and transformation that extend far beyond our own lives. Through our work, we endeavor to build a better world, one person at a time.

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